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How to Copy Those Old VHS Tapes to DVD

Best VHS to DVD Converters

Best VHS to DVD Converters

Best VHS to DVD Converters – Top 10 List

You might have been worried about the withering away of your treasured memories that you have once made in your VHS tapes/camcorders. If you still have those old VHS tapes in your warehouse get them back once again and get yourself involved once again in the beautiful memories of the past with some of these best VHS to DVD converters.

Compromising in the quality of the converters may lead you towards regretting your decision of purchase, as they destroy the quality of the video that you put on the device for converting. So a good converter is a must to have if you want to secure the quality of your videos and movies.

These converters in the list below make your old memories look more lively by converting them into modern HD format and entertain you with high-quality videos and movies. Being featured pack and cost effective they leave you admiring your experience with the product.

So, what are you waiting for, get yourself the best VHS and DVD converters to enjoy your old past memories in the present times.

Our Recommendations – Best VHS to DVD Converters

After a lot of research and keeping in mind the best quality results that a converter can provide we have prepared for you a list of top 10 best VHS and DVD converters that let you replay your old memories in an HD format.

So, let us move ahead in exploring the list of the best VHS converters that will make your experience worth admiring.

  1. Corsair Elgato Video Capture Corsair Elgato Video Capture

Elgato Video Capture has now made it easy to transfer all of your old videos from analogue video devices to a high quality H. 264 DVD file when connected to your computer or Mac.

With this VHS converter you can bring around your old and precious memories to the modern PC’s, easily edit in any movie editor software and you can even upload the new edited video content to Facebook or YouTube, wherever you want.

Its automatic detection for SECUM, PAL, NTSC and PAL/60 video format enables its versatile compatibility that entertain you with multiple connectivity options.

In addition to this, an easy to use software that accompanies the device helps you move through each step. Further, it eases the connectivity process for you by being compatible with the devices through S-Video or “RCA” outputs/adapters.


  • Wide compatibility
  • Easy to use software
  • Compact and effective
  • Perfect VHS to DVD converter


  • Capturing only in only one (AVI) format
  • No connectors for HDMI or modern cable

2. ClearClick Video to Digital Converter ClearClick Video to Digital Converter

With a simple touch of a button you can now convert your favorite old video/camcorder tapes to ultimately new digital format so that you can enjoy your memories in a new attractive video format. This ClearClick Video to Digital Converter is compatible with all types of VCR’s, VHS, DVD players, Hi8, Retro Gaming Systems.

An additional feature of this digital converter is that you don’t need any type of software or computer. You just have to connect it to the device and start recording directly onto any USB device or SD card. It’s that simple!

Above all, the package includes 32 GB USB drive, and Video editing software to guide your steps through whole process.

This video to digital converter comes with an extra large 3.5 inch screen that let’s you enjoy watch the video with better Video/Audio Sync Protection and better recording quality. In addition to it, it has an Auto Stop Feature at divided intervals of time for 60, 90, 120, 150 min.


  • 1 year warranTy
  • No computer required to capture
  • Advanced features
  • Perfect technical support


  • Capturing only in only one (AVI) format

3. Sony VRDMC6 DVDirect


Learn to convert with Sony! This Sony VRDMC6 is perfectly easy to use converter that converts your digital photos and home movies to modern and brand new DVD.

As an addition, this converter has a large 4:3 full screen and 16:9 wide screen that allows you to enjoy the video with pleasure and ease.

It is compatible with AVCHD HDD/MS handycam camcorder and converts the captured videos and pictures to HD video. In addition to it, this converter can be connected to any type of camcorder, DVR or VCR.


  • Speedy conversion
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Big buttons for an easy control
  • Attractive mini screen for perfect monitoring



4. DIGITNOW Video Capture


DIGITNOW Video Capture Converter is a small piece with maximum features. With this converter all of your videos from VHS tapes can easily be converted into HD formats as long as up to 10 hours long.

Regarding the sound problems, you can edit any type of noise that is disrupting the video experience. This makes it perfectly great video converter for old VHS. In addition to it, the video converter is compatible to all of your devices providing you ease with the conversion. It works perfectly well with Windows 10 also.

DIGITNOW let’s you enjoy all the popular and useful features in a budgeted and low price and never let’s you regret your choice ever in your life.

With an inclusion of software that guides you through each step of installation it becomes really easy for you to set up the device and continue the process without any hassle.


  • Advanced cooling performance
  • 6 years warranty
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Low noise



5. Lvozize VHS To Digital DVD Converter

f your old memories are wasting away just because they are captured in VHS devices, now is the time to save them. This Lvozize VHS To Digital DVD Converter helps you effectively transfer your old movies into digital files that can be converted into a DVD file.

It is 78×30×20 inches and comes with a 2.0 USB interface for better connectivity.

This converter is supported by a wide range of systems including all the window systems including Windows XP/8/10/7. It also runs on NTSC, and PAL video capture etc.


  • 2.0 USB
  • Variety of tapes can be converted
  • CD software included


  • Not supported by Mac

6. Easier CAP Video and Audio Capturing

Although, back in time, before the age of smart devices and technologies VHS cassettes were the only things to capture the memories but now the range has been widened. But when it comes to convert the old audios and videos to new and modern HD Easier CAP Video and Audio Capturing Device Directly from TV has made the process straightforward and trouble-free.

It comes with multiple colored device ports including red, white, yellow, and black for audio in, CVB in and S-Video in respectively. The conversion is made super easy, just connect the converter to your PC/Laptop or DVD PLAYER, VHS player or Monitor Camera and enjoy the conversion to digital format from analog format.

This Easier CAP is perfect for game lover who want to play their favorite video games on bigger and larger screens as it let’s you capture your favorite video game from your gaming console that you can enjoy playing on bigger screen


  • Advanced features
  • Support laptop/PC etc
  • Perfect video/audio conversion


  • No Cons

7. Easier CAP Video and Audio Capturing

UCEC USB 2.0 Video Audio Capture Card is a cost-effective converter that comes with a cable that helps it to connect to your computer through a USB and to your conventional VHS player through and RCA connection or S-video.

An easy to understand software is also there to help you through the process of use. The software comes on a disc and can be run on a laptop or computer with a disc drive suitable for its effective running.

The converter is highly rated and admired by most of the people for its great features, advanced working and durability.

Due to its 24 hr technical support this converter stands among some most top rated and popular VHS to DVD converters.


  • 24 hr technical support
  • Highly rated and recommended
  • Easy to use directing software


  • Slight issues with Colors

8. VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite

When you have this VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite with you, you don’t have to worry about your video audio conversion of the memories that you have captured years ago in your conventional camcorders or VHS tapes. This converter is quite effective in capturing old VHS, 8mm or camcorders and converting them into new and updated DVD formats.

In addition to it, it comes with a instructions guide containing pictures that helps a new user to set up the device and do the conversion with ease. It also supports both Mac and Windows PC and comes along with a USB video capture device, USB cable, RCA AV Cable, 2 Software downloads and 2 quick start guides for your help.

With its versatile compatibility options, you can now easily connect the device with VCRs, Camcorders, DVD players, TVs, Gaming consoles and others.


  • Easy to use
  • Video uploading and sharing with friends
  • Wide compatibility range
  • Perfect conversion


  • Light issues connecting to windows

9. Funai Combination VCR and DVD Recorder

This is for those who are passionate to convert their old tapes to DVD format to enjoy their old memories. The VHS players are no longer in use and are replaced by the DVD players which take the quality of the videos to another level of perfection.

Funai Combination VCR and DVD Recorder (ZV427FX4) uses and HDMI connection cable that can be easily plugged into any type of latest TVs and let you convert your old videos and movies into new HD DVD format.

With this converter you don’t have to wait for long hours as it just takes a few hours to convert the video or movie and comes with 5-speed recording functions.


  • No computer required
  • Exclusive quality video
  • No VHS or DVD required


  • No ability to detect when the tape is about to end

10. Pinnacle Dazzle – Best Video Capturing Card Device

Pinnacle Dazzle is known for preserving all your old video memories-relating to friends or family-by transferring them to DVD and other HD digital formats. It is capable of capturing videos from Hi8, VHS, and V8 cameras and many other sources including PlayStation, Xbox, and DVD players also.

With its advanced output options you can directly upload the videos and movies to your mobile devices or web easily. Above all, it is accompanied with how-to guide-to guide you through the steps, DVD USB video capture device, and a Video editing software for your ease.

This Pinnacle Dazzle DVD Recorder HD- Video Capture Card Device is advanced with an additional software with titles, integrated tools and transitions that help it polish your movies up to perfection.


  • Advanced features
  • Captures games from gaming consoles and devices
  • Enhanced performance


  • Not compatible with Windows 10

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