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Best Car Speakers for Bass – Top 10 List

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If you are one of those who prefer a high, deep and equalized bass that could entertain you while you are on a long road journey then these best car speakers can make the best choice. Most modern cars support some decent stereo systems but these speakers allow you to have some improved quality sound without irritating you having involved in complex installation processes.

Some old, poor quality speakers can ruin your buying experience and can cause you headache while you move from one place to another on your favorite vehicle. They not only let you waste your money but also make you regret your choice.

To avoid such consequences make it well assured that you buy some best quality stereo sound producing speakers that introduce you with a perfect deep bass that allow the music to fall on your ears smoothly.

Consider buying from our lists of best car speakers for bass that will leave you to admire the products entirely.

Our Recommendations – Best Car Speakers For Bass

We have prepared a list of top 10 Best car speakers for bass that are highly rated and greatly appreciated by the buyers.

Let’s go through our list to explore which one suits you best.



JBL has earned incomprehensible praises for bringing up its most exclusive and high quality GTO series. This JBL GTO19R member of the series comes with a soft-dome tweeter that comes along to provide you with over-sized voice calls that enable a greater heat dissipation and greater power handling that results in smooth and uninterrupted highs in the sound.

In addition, these speakers are made of carbon-composites and non-magnetic baskets that are there to maintain the quality and precision of sound under most demanding and challenging conditions.

JBL GTO19R speakers are almost 3-ohm speakers that effectively replace many of the wires that are found in the cars and deliver you the best of what it has with every watt that can be delivered by your car stereo.


  • Advanced technological methods to optimize the clarity of sound
  • Affordable price
  • Free of distortion low end


  • No cons

2. Rockford Fosgate R165X3

 Rockford Fosgate R165X3

These attractive looking speakers are 6.5 inches in size and are low-budget 3-way class set, that entertain you with better middles than many of the other speakers that you have tried before with your cars.

With a mounting depth of 2.15 inch it comes with a mounting hardware and grills. The woofers are polypropylene comes that are there for stereo surround sound function. In addition, it comes with a silk-dome Piezo Tweeter and a midrange for better sound quality than ever.

It is designed to have a much lower power handling of up to 90 watts which is quite efficient in ensuring the optimal quality of bass. The body is enveloped and in a stamped steel basket.


  • Cost effective
  • Lower power consumption
  • 3-way class option


  • No cons

3. Rockville RM84PRO

Rockville RM84PRO

This Rockville RM84PRO comes with some advanced tech features that makes them perfectly great to have in your car for clear bass. They come in a set with an inclusion of 4 separate 8-inch mid-range speakers that also contain woofer grilles and open baskets for perfect mounting.

If you are a high-equalized bass then these speakers are just perfect for you. They come with a large surface area to entertain you with their exclusive performance by adding more depth in the sound that do not irritate your ears.

With an inclusion of the cones that come in a treated cloth accordion suspension. These cones use pressure-treated pulp that are Kevlar-reinforced to provide you with excellent properties of perfect response and durability.

Last but not the least, these speakers have a 300-watt power rating and are perfectly great to buy at an affordable price to enjoy their featured-packed existence.


  • Loud and clear music with wide range of frequencies
  • Deep and impressive audio
  • Great bass
  • 4 mid-range woofers


  • A bit expensive

4. BOSS Audio Systems CH6530

BOSS Audio Systems CH6530

BOSS presents for its one of the most amazing speakers with rubber material that keeps them protected in the rough wear and tear situations. For clean and clear music it is made with a stamped basket that provides it with a strong platform and entertains the listener with its perfect music beats.

The Piezoelectric Tweeter is resistant to heavy overloads and can be used easily for without any crossover because of its premium electrical property. It’s voice calls are perfectly great to stand out with the high temperatures and maintain the strength of the speakers.

Adding to it, the comes of the speakers are made from polyurethane-a durable and resilient material–to provide them with a long and string life.


  • Cost effective
  • Durable
  • Great bass
  • Advanced features


  • Does not fit a 2007 KIA Spectra front doors.

5. Pioneer TS-A6990F A Series

Pioneer TS-A6990F A Series

Without a doubt these speakers are just perfect to provide you with an equalized bass in your cars when you are out on your journey. They come with high quality carbon and MICA reinforced woofer comes that provide a large surface area to entertain you with a clear and high quality sound.

The sensitivity level is up to 90dB and the frequency response ranges from 22-25,000 Hertz. Along with their elastic polymer surround material these speakers are designed to have 11mm and 18mm dual dome tweeters.

Their power handling capacity is 700 watts per pair and entertains you with an excellent fully-equalized bass that you would love to have while listening to your favorites on any journey.


  • Large surface of comes for better sound clarity
  • Prevent sound wave cancellation
  • Perfect bass


  • Not delivered on time

6. NVX 6 ½ Inches Professional

NVX 6 ½ Inches Professional

These NVX speakers can prove to be one of the best speakers that you can install into your cars for extraordinary listening experience. They make you feel your long journey cut short with its smooth and attractive sound quality. Compared to other models, these speakers come with some great features that won’t disappoint.

These speakers are 2-way class set that come with a 6 ½ inch polypropylene woofer cone that is vacuum molded to provide you with acoustic dampening surround sound in your cars.

Along with this, these speakers are specifically designed to deliver you a punchy bass that you enjoy with your favorite music. With built-in high temperature KSV voice coils are there to maintain the temperature of the speakers and they don’t ever get over heated even when used for a longer period of time.

The perfect sound quality never lets anything feel out of place and a greatly clear bass never breaks up at any point. These speakers come with a power handling capacity of about 160 watts per pair.


  • Well equalized bass
  • Great audio experience
  • Great power handling capacity


  • Not much rated

7. Kicker CSC674

Kicker CSC674

Kicker CSC674 comes in a set of four speakers: two round and two oval to be able to fit into many car brands that support this kind of installation. The woofer size of the speakers is about 6 ¾ inches and Tweeter size of about ½ inches. The speakers are made to support the peak power of about 300 watts per speaker.

It supports a frequency range between 40Hz to 20kHz. Made with PEI tweeter dome material, these are also accompanied with an inclusion of woofer cone made of polypropylene that entertains you with a quality surround sound.

They come with a heavy-duty motor magnet structure that supports the extended voice coil that is often found in high-end models. All the components are UV treated and they look brand new even after being used for a long time.


  • Perfect driver performance
  • Clear bass
  • Extraordinary sound quality
  • Great material


  • Not highly recommended by the users

8. Lanzar 6.5 inch Car Subwoofer Speaker

Lanzar 6.5 inch Car Subwoofer Speaker

This speaker is designed to support a 600 watt peak power to produce a clear and loud sound resonance. This is a high quality speaker that is perfect for delivering a great bass-bounce.

It comes with a 1.5 high temperature aluminum voice coils that are there to entertain you with high-quality sound. With its heavy-duty magnet this speaker can use up to 600 watts power that provides you a perfect quality sound that you want.

In addition to these, the speaker has a steel basket that provides it with an exclusive protection and sound stability. With its strong and wide rubber suspension, you can experience a loud and clear sound that comes from them.

Additional features include a non-pressed paper cone to produce loud stereo sound, 3 inches mounting depth that makes it easy to install because it makes them fit more easily into cars, RVs, and boats.


  • Loud sound
  • Clear and equalized bass
  • Durable
  • Affordable price


  • Bass is not so deep

9. Pyramid W64 6.5 inch

 Pyramid W64 6.5 inch

For those of you who enjoy loud sound quality when you embark on a long journey in your car, then these Pyramid speakers are a perfect fit for your requirements. These speakers are manufactured to provide you with a deep mid bass that will let you enjoy the audio.

These speakers come with a bumped back design and 30 oz. magnet structure weight that can be easily installed in your favorite car.

With a much clearer and deep sound, these speakers never let you regret the purchase. The price is quite attractive and cheap as compared to the features that you.


  • Deep bass
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect quality sound


  • Does not fit in ever car

10. Polk Audio db651

Polk Audio db651

These Polk Audio db651 make great speakers that come with a 6 ½ inch coaxial speakers it also comes with a 6.75 inch adapter ring to fit perfectly well in your vehicles.

It’s dynamic balance driver technology you will get a pur in distorted sound and their light weight makes them perfectly easy to carry and install. They come to support 120 watts of power per pair.

Along with its silk dome tweeters which are liquid-cooled provide you with a precisely aimed sound that you love to hear anytime when you are in your car. Their 2-way crossovers help you maintain the high and low frequencies just matching to your own choice.


  • High quality material
  • Deep bass
  • Clear and precise sound


  • A bit expensive

Final Verdict 

To upgrade your listening experience during your travel on your vehicle all you have to do is to buy one of the above mentioned best car speakers for bass. They entertain you with high quality, deep and equalized bass that never let you get irritated with the music that you play in your car. Try out these top rated car speakers for bass, enjoy your journey to its fullest.

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